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Global Heart Rate Monitoring System


The present invention relates to a system for heart monitoring comprising: a portable base unit comprises wireless transceiver for transmitting and receiving of digital data;a plurality of sensors coupled to the portable base unit for sensing the heart signal of a patient in electrocardiogram (ECG) form; a preprocessing and signal conditioning means for converting the raw ECG signal obtained from sensors to a desired condition; a processing means for reading the conditioned ECG signal from the preprocessing and signal conditioning means and converting the conditioned ECG signal from analog form to digital form which can be transmitted wirelessly; a storage means coupled to the portable base unit for storing information of said patient and essential amount of the ecg signal; an alarming means for triggering alarms both in the portable unit and in a central control unit upon detection of the emergency situation; a transmission means for transmitting the digital ECG signal wirelessy from the transceiver in a real time mode; and a display interface means coupled to the portable base unit for displaying the patient's heart signal to a display means, wherein the processing means reads the heart signal and uses pattern recognition algorithms to distinguish cardiac events and find emergency situation and trigger the alarms if the emergency situation is detected. The portable unit can also work as an independent standalone device when it is outside the transmission range of the control unit. Any abnormal emergency condition will be announced by the portable unit to the patient and people around him using an integrated alarm device.

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