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Holonomic Bomb Disposal Robot with Omnidirectional Drive


The present invention relates to an improved robot assembly for bomb disposal, especially for disposing an improvised explosive device (IED). The robot assembly comprises a platform coupled to an electric motor drive unit and steerable in a direction corresponding to a user input. The robot assembly is characterized by an omnidirectional drive locomotion system having a set of Mecanum wheels rotatably attached to a body of the platform for providing omnidirectional maneuverability to the platform; a swing arm for supporting the set of Mecanum wheels; a spring damper for selectively operating to compensate for uneven terrain; a reduction gear system for facilitating rotation of the set of Mecanum wheels; an explosive countermeasure unit comprising a manipulator arm , wherein the manipulator arm comprises a clamp and a water disruptor; and a data processing unit comprising a microcontroller for receiving the user input and executing an instruction associated with the same.

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