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Method Of Fabricating Graphene Oxide Based Waveguide Polarizer


The present invention provides a method to fabricate a broad bandwidth waveguide polarizer with graphene oxide (GO) layer fabricated via drop casting method that enables high extinction ratio for graphene based waveguide polarizer. The ability to introduce GO coating using the drop casting method provides a simple and effective means for waveguide polarizer fabrication. The high extinction ratio is achieved with GO coating on the one surface of an optical waveguide. The highest extinction ratio is nearly 40 dB is measure at 1590 nm, with a variation of 4.5dB across a wavelength range from 1530 nm to 1630 nm, a ratio reportedly one of the highest for graphene based waveguide polarizers. This result is achieved with a GO coating length of 1.0 to 2.0 mm in the propagation direction and a bulk film thickness of 2.0 m. The invention can be used to increase capacity in fibre optical communication systems as well as platforms for PIC fabrication without increasing the complexity as the short interaction length required to produce a high extinction ratio over a broad fiber telecom wavelength band will provide a solution for the integrated waveguide polarizers required in applications that include optical Lab on chip and photonic integrated circuits.

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