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Method to extract Hirudin From Leech


The present invention provides a method of extracting hirudin from leech, typically 5 hirudinaria genus leech. Hirudinaria genus leech is chosen for extraction as the wavelength of hirudin from this leech is the same as standard hirudin used for medication purpose. The extraction is achieved initially by soaking absorbent materials such as medical cloth or any other cloth with animal or human blood, where expired human blood could be used as well and placed at the bottom of a container. A number 10 of leeches are then placed into the container at a ratio of 1 ml of blood to 10-15 gram of leech and allow for sucking for 15 to 20 minutes before they are removed. The blood samples in the container are then diluted with about 5 ml ionised water for every 1 ml blood before undergoing purification process via centrifuge at about 3000 rpm to collect the hirudin. Hirudin has been identified to have many beneficial uses especially as a useful anticoagulant that can be applied for various medicinal disorders related to blood coagulation problem.

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