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System And Method For Authenticating Quranic Content And Hadith


The present invention relates to. According to one aspect, an authentication system which comprises an input component, a content processing component and a content authenticating component. The content processing component further comprises a content analyzing element and a first storage unit: and the content authenticating component comprises a content authenticator element, a distinguisher element, a retriever element and a second storage unit. The input component further comprises a portioning element and a content processing element. The content analyzing element further comprises a decision maker module, a content processor module and an authentication completion module: and according to another aspect, a method comprising the steps of inputting quranic content into the system: tokenizing the inputted quranic content: encoding the tokens: authenticating the inputted content using a matching component: adding a distinguishing element to the authenticated content: and moving the authenticated content back to a user. Such an invention is significant to efforts to curb issues related to misinterpretation of quran-related contents prevalent among the online community nowadays. Moreover, there is also a need for an invention that is able to discern original and non-original verses with respect to verses from the holy quran.

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PI 2016001134

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