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Wind and Exhaust Air Energy Recovery System


This invention is a wind and exhaust air energy recovery system comprising a supportive frame; a turbine rotor assembly mounted on the supportive frame and being able to rotate about a horizontal axis; wherein the turbine rotor assembly are positioned neighbouring an exhaust outlet that exhaust air flow from the outlet in which the exhaust air flow drives the turbine rotor assembly to rotate; and at least one electric generator connected to the turbine rotor assembly for converting kinetic energy caused by movement of the turbine rotor assembly to electrical or mechanical energy; characterized in that at least one guide vane is arranged in between the outlet and the turbine rotor assembly to direct the air flow towards the turbine rotor assembly at a predetermined angle. The supportive frame and safety enclosure can be supported with additional holding structures so as to be firmly secured to the exterior of the exhaust outlet without obstructing the exhaust air flow.

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