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A Bottle Replenishing Tool for Top Loading Type Water Dispenser


The present invention provides a bottle replenishing tool for lifting, conveying, and invertably positioning a water bottle onto a water dispenser, the bottle replenishing tool includes: a) a supporting structure adapted for supporting, transporting and/or lifting the water bottle, wherein the supporting structure is provided with height adjustable and the folding features enabling the bottle replenishing tool to be retracted and/or folded into a reduce size, so as to facilitate convenient storage, as well as to reduce packaging space; b) a bottle holder adapted to secure the water bottle for lifting action, wherein the bottle holder includes a first and second fastening straps being connected by at least one looping strap, said straps are adapted to be detachably secured onto the water bottle, such that enabling the user to be conveniently fastened and/or unfastened the straps in transferring process; and c) a lifting mechanism adapted for lifting, overturning and/or positioning the water bottle onto the water dispenser, wherein the lifting mechanism includes a hand wheel adapted to serve as a crank for winding the lifting cable, and a rotating disc rotates in correspond with the hand wheel, said rotating disc is provided with plurality of slots or openings adapted to receive a locking pin.

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