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A Portable Computer Numerical Control Lathe


The present invention relates to a portable computer numerical control lathe, comprising: a housing including a pair of walls; a track assembly including at least one primary slidable guide mounted on a pair of primary tracks, and a ball screw; a cutting tool means, including a tool holder for mounting at least one cutting tool; a cutting tool platform including a panel perpendicular to a second threaded shaft, wherein said panel is coupled to the cutting tool means; a tool holder assembly including at least one secondary slidable guide mounted on a pair of secondary tracks for engaging with the panel, and a second rotational actuator for engaging with second threaded shaft for crosswise linear motion; wherein the tool holder assembly is mounted on the primary slidable guide for longitudinal linear motion; a headstock assembly and tailstock assembly for holding and rotating the workpiece; a control unit having a control panel and a processor for enabling a user to control the operation of the computer numerical control lathe.

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