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A Process and a System for Manufacturing Alloy Sheets with Improved Plastic Properties


A process for manufacturing alloy sheets comprising the steps of providing a raw material in a crucible from an upper orifice of a furnace at a temperature in range of 750C - 1200C and allowing the raw material to melt, discharging the molten raw material to a lower orifice of a nozzle in the furnace, spraying the molten raw material in form of disintegrated droplets from the lower orifice on a rotating substrate by using an air jet and depositing the disintegrated droplets on a top surface and a bottom surface of the rotating substrate. Further, the step of depositing comprises covering the top surface and the bottom surface of the rotating substrate completely with the disintegrated droplets and forming the alloy sheets. Also, the raw material is an alloy comprising Mn 0.24 wt.%, Fe 0.4 wt.%, Ni 0.11wt.%, 4.21 wt.% Cu, Zn 0.15 wt.% and remainder being Al. Further, a system or manufacturing alloy sheets is provided.

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PI 2015704802

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