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A System and Method for Creating Orthosis


The present invention relates to a system and method for creating orthosis. The system comprises at least one means for scanning for scanning a physical object, a central processing unit (CPU) for acquiring data of scanned physical object and further manipulating the data, and a means for prototyping for rapid prototyping (RP) a scale model of the physical object. The method for creating orthosis comprises the steps of positioning a user in a way that the user's foot is suitable for scanning by a means for scanning, scanning a user's foot and obtaining data by the means for scanning, transmitting the data of the scanned user's foot to a central processing unit (CPU) by the means for scanning, processing the data of the scanned user's foot by the cpu, transmitting the processed data of the scanned user's foot to the means for prototyping by the cpu, and performing rapid prototyping (RP) of the transmitted data of the scanned user's foot by the means of prototyping.

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PI 2015703469

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