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A System And Method For Simulating And Controlling A Microbial Fuel Cell


The present invention provides an inclinometer [10] for measuring biaxial tilt of a
structure. The inclinometer comprises an upper part [20], a lower part [22], a resilient shaft [24] and four fiber Bragg gratings [26A, 26B, 267C, 26D]. The upper part [20] is integral with the
structure so that inclination of the upper part varies like that of the structure. The lower part [22]
is rendered as a weight. The resilient shaft [24] connects the z-axis of the upper part [20] to the
z-axis of the lower part [22]. Four fiber Bragg gratings [26A, 26B, 26C, 26D] are adapted at a
distance and parallel to the z-axis to connect four quadrants of the upper part [20] to the four
10 quadrants of the lower part [22]. Any variation in inclination of the structure provokes a
movement at the upper and lower part to induce the four fiber Bragg gratings [26A, 26B, 26C,
26D] to be strained and inclination at the four quadrants could be measured."

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PI 2022001935

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