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A Transformative Robotic Education System For Improving Creativity Among Participants


The present invention relates to a system for facilitating innovation, interaction and creativity of a participant using a robotics kit, characterized in that: enrolling one or more than one participant; conducting a pre-training assessment of the plurality of participants to determine a level of creativity of each participant; initiating a first framework comprising an application of a principle of constructivism in assembling a robot from the robotics kit, exploration of a constructive material and feature, and organising a robotics project; constructing a second framework of the robotics project by planning and designing a newly-developed robotics project, and setting own evaluation criteria; creating and assembling the robot based on the second framework via an idea sharing, problem identification and solution synthesis; and conducting a post-training assessment of each participant via a presentation of the assembled robot and a corresponsive feedback message.

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Generation Y, Innovative Technologies of the Future, Innovating to Zero, robotic education

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Patent Number

PI 2014702076

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