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An Antigenic Recombinant Hypothetical Lipoprotein from Burkholderia Pseudomallei and a Novel Method Thereof


The present invention discloses a design and production of a recombinant antigen based on a hypothetical lipoprotein (rHLP) (rBurP16-532) from Burkhoderia pseudomallei and a novel method for synthesizing an antigenic recombinant hypothetical lipoprotein (rHLP) from Burkholderia pseudomallei. The method comprises series of steps:1. construction of recombinant plasmid; 2. Expression and purification of recombinant lipoprotein; 3. analysis of purified recombinant lipoprotein; and 4. confirming the reactivity of the purified recombinant lipoprotein (rHLP). The pTriEx_rBurP16-532 plasmid containing the gene sequence for residues 16-532 of the B. pseudomallei hypothetical lipoprotein (rBurP16-532) cloned into the pTriEx-3 Hygro expression vector, wherein the vector expresses the rHLP protein, consisting the HIG and FLAG tag fused to the N-terminus of the residues 16-532 of the B. pseudomallei hypothetical lipoprotein. The hypothetical lipoprotein (rHLP) (rBurP16-532) is reactive to the antibodies produced in the sera of melioidosis patients and is used for different medical and healthcare purposes mainly as vaccineor diagnostic agent against the disease of melioidosis.

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