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An Improved Bone Holding Device For Limb Support Frame


An bone holding device for limb comprises a tubular housing having a first opening and a second opening at both end; a rod with one end attached onto a first guiding member and a threaded section at another end, telescopically inserted into the tubular housing through the second opening ; a knob with a receiving part inserted into the tubular housing via the first opening to accept the threaded section; a resilient means positioned within the housing in between the knob and the first guiding member; a first arm perpendicularly extended from the tubular housing around the first opening; a second arm attached to a second guiding member which is in turn hingably connected to the first guiding member; and a pair of female receptive structures mounted on the first arm and second arm respectively; whereby the first and the second guiding members are brought into the tubular housing as well as compressing the resilient means by turning the knob in one direction that the second arm is positioned to be perpendicular to the second opening and oppositely facing the first arm in parallel once substantial portion of the second guiding member fitted into the tubular housing, while the first and second guiding members are pushed out of the tubular housing by the compressed resilient means once the knob is turned to an opposite direction.

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