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An One-step Technique for Fabrication of Functionally Graded Dental Posts using Flowable Composites


The present invention relates generally to a method for fabrication of functionally graded dental posts. Accordingly, the method provides one-step technique for fabrication of functionally graded dental posts using flowable composites, said method includes steps of: a) preparing of the matrix by mixing the unpolymerized resin and the hardener material; b) incorporating the filler material into the unpolymerized matrix and rehomogenization of the mixture; c) transferring the unpolymerized mixture into a mould with a height equal to the clinical height of dental posts; d) centrifuging the mixture with pre-determined force and time to allow precipitation of the filler material and formation of the gradient structure in the longitudinal direction; and e) machining of the composite to the desired shape.

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