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Apparatus for Dispensing Liquid Medication and Method Thereof


The present invention provides an apparatus for dispensing liquid medication 100 and 200 comprising: a housing means 150 and 250; at least one and seven dispensing portions 151 and 251 integrally formed with the housing means 150 and 250 and is adapted for automated and controlled dispense of liquid medication; a storage means 152 and 252 disposed within said housing means 150 and 250 adapted to be communicable to the dispensing portion 151 and 251 and for containing the liquid medication to be dispensed; a processor 153 and 253 configured to be in communication with the dispensing portion and for receiving and processing data associated to a patient, and the liquid medication. The dispensing portion 151 and 251 is in communication with a patient recognition 154 and 254 means adapted to be in communication with the processor and the storage means; while the processor 153 and 253 is configured such that it is communicable to the patient recognition means and the dispensing portion to provide automated and controlled dispensing of liquid medication; said configuration include identity detection and retrieval of the patient and the predetermined medical prescription for the identified patient.

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