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At Atmospheric And Water Enable Pump In A Pico Hydro System For Use In Self Generating Renewable Energy


The present invention relates generally to a non-electric pump mechanism for self-energy generation, and more particularly to an atmospheric and water enable pump in a pico hydro system for use in self-generating renewable energy. Accordingly, the atmospheric and water enable pump in the hydro system includes: a) a water storage tank; b) a pair of airtight containers, i.e. first airtight container and second airtight container being connected with first communication pipe and second communication pine; c) a downstream duct equipped with a power generator to produce electricity; d) an upstream duct for channelling water back to the water storage tank; wherein the first airtight container and second airtight container are preferably furnished with the airtight seal and respectively, such that a close system is formed; and wherein the system enables to circulate the water from water storage tank to be flowed down by gravity, and then to flow back to original water storage tank again with a natural uplift force created in the close system by the hydraulic and atmospheric pressure.

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Environment and Water, Hydrogen

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PI 2014703342

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