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Biofeedback Enabled Method of Visual Auditory Simulation for Attention Development among users


The present invention relates to a method of visual-auditory simulation for measuring attention level of a user in real-time, said method comprising the steps of inducing a relaxation state of the user; providing a plurality of module levels each independently comprising a plurality of games; wherein each of the plurality of games includes a minimum of two remedial games; setting a time range of 1 to 15 minutes on an incremental basis for the plurality of games; characterized by the steps of measuring electroencephalograph signal data of the user while the user plays at least one of the plurality of games; filtering noise of the data and processing the data by fractal dimension calculation; determining a threshold value of a relaxation state and an attention state of the user based on the data processed from the fractal dimension calculation; comparing the user?s attention level to the threshold value of the attention state; selecting and presenting a next game to the user based on whether the user?s attention level reached the threshold value.

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PI 2014702931

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