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Electro-Mechanical Arrangement & Control Methodology Development For Transient Cooling System Of Automotive Engine at Idle Speed and key-Off Condition


The present invention discloses an electro-mechanical engine thermal management system consists of a radiator; a coolant circulation circuit; an electric coolant pump; an electric air inducer; an electro-mechanical thermostatic valve; an electric control unit, ECU; a controller; an auxiliary power supply; and an alternator that can solve the engine thermal management limitation both at idle condition as well as at key-off condition of the vehicle. The present invention provides an arrangement of some electro-mechanical components and develops the integrated control methodology to achieve the desired goal of controlling engine coolant temperature. All components in the system are running automatically and electrically in the idle and key-off period to attain the engine safe thermal condition as soon as possible based on the engine coolant inlet and outlet temperature.

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