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High Capacity Metal Dal-Ion Battery, Perovskite-Based Metal Oxide Anode And Method Of Preparing The Same


The present invention discloses a metal dual-ion battery with improved capacity, recyclability and discharge capacity, an anode for use in the metal dual-ion battery and a method for preparing the anode thereof. The metal dual-ion battery comprises an anode comprising a perovskite-based metal oxide prepared through a low-temperature hydrothermal route, and a cathode comprising a carbon fabric. It is preferred that the perovskite-based metal oxide comprises a perovskite having a formula XIIA2+VIB4+X2−..; wherein A and B are cations of different sizes, X is an anion that bonds to both. The perovskite may include SrTiO3, ReO3, SrFeO3, LaCoO3, LaNiO3, LaCrO3, La(Ca)AlO3, CaTiO3, La(Sr)Ga(Mg)O3, BaZrO3, SrZrO3 and BaCeO3. The metal dual-ion battery of the present invention, advantageously, demonstrates high energy density of about 499 Wh kg-1, reliability of about 150 cycles, and discharge capacity of about 1589 mAhg-1 at the operating voltage of 3.5V

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PI 2020001883

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