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Method and System For Computer Aided Community Education


The present technique relates to a method for teaching scientifically mediated cultural knowledge and assessing learning performance of a learner utilizing a computer aided educational system including memory means and input and output means, the method comprising the steps of choosing a theme through a learner account from a cultural scenarios data base (CSDB); previewing the themes before the beginning of the learning process using preview module; presenting the scientifically mediated culturally contextual materials to learner based on the chosen theme using learning aiding module ; assessing learners acquisition of scientific knowledge, cultural knowledge and applicability knowledge by using identification module; and recording of given thematic materials and responses of the learner is stored in the learner account; characterised in that the learning aiding module assigns a subsequent theme by using a first instruction, provides further contextual material of the same theme by using a second instruction when the learner fails to respond to questions related to the theme, assigns same theme related questions by using instructional scaffolding after the second instruction is given; and terminates the second instruction after the learner fails to respond to a series of questions of the scaffolding, wherein the first instruction poses subsequent thematic scenarios to the learner when the second instruction is terminated.

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Learning Innovation for spiritual knowledge, Information and Communication Technologies

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