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Oil Palm Kernel Shell Foamed Concrete (Palmcrete) - A Method For Producing Foamed Concrete Using Oil Palm Kernels Shell As Lightweight Aggregate


The present invention relates to a method for producing a foamed concrete comprising of cement, 10% silica fume by cement weight, 5% fly ash by cement weight, oil palm kernel shells, dry mining sand, superplasticizer at less than 1% by cement weight, and a foaming agent, characterised by the steps of firstly, soaking the oil palm kernel shells in water to form saturated surface-dried palm kernel shells, then mixing the saturated surface-dried oil palm kernel shells with the dry mining sand to form a mixture, then mixing the silica fume, the fly ash, the cement, water with the superplasticizer, and the foaming agent into the mixture to produce the foamed concrete, then moulding the foamed concrete, and then curing the foamed concrete in water. The density ratio of the dry mining sand to the cement is 1.2. The density ratio of the oil palm kernel shells to the cement ratio is 0.8. The ratio of water to the cement is 0.35.

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