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Raw Water Processing System with Self-Cleaning Ultrafiltration


The present invention discloses a system for processing raw water. The system comprises an ultrafiltration unit comprising a membrane which retains material having a predefined molecular weight, an automatic backwash unit comprising a clog sensor attached to the ultrafiltration unit for detecting a clogging level of the membrane, and a power generation unit coupled to an energy storage unit for providing an electrical power supply. The ultrafiltration unit receives the raw water from a first tank and treats the raw water through the membrane thereof to produce processed raw water prior to storing the processed raw water in a second tank. The automatic backwash unit initiates an unclogging process onto the said membrane if the clogging level exceeds a threshold to remove the material retained on the membrane by way of substantially backwashing the membrane using the processed water stored in the second tank. The electrical power supply provides electricity harvested or derived from solar radiation, a motor or generator set, a direct plug point connection or any combination thereof.

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