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Rosamines for Targeting the Oxidative Phosphorylation Pathway


The present invention discloses rosamine derivatives compounds according to formula or its pharmaceutical acceptable salts, prodrug and solvates thereof for used in providing inhibition of oxidative phosphorylation pathway in cancer cells mitochondria. In a specific embodiment, the rosamine derivatives compounds consist of a thiofuran group with the symmetrical and unsymmetrical cyclic amine substitution, a furan group with the symmetrical cyclic amine substitution, a para-iodo group with the symmetrical and unsymmetrical amine substitution and a para-halide group attachment on rosamine with symmetrical cyclic amine substitution. The rosamine derivatives compounds are able to inhibit oxidative phosphorylation pathway in cancer cell mitochondria by compromising mitochondrial membrane potential and inhibiting the oxidative phosphorylation complexes primarily the ATP synthase.

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PI 2015700355

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