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Self-Sustained, Hybrid Wind-Solar Powered Assembly for Billboard


The present invention discloses an assembly for use as or with a billboard. The assembly comprises a wind turbine unit (100) comprising a cross-axis-wind turbine for harvesting wind energy to generate electricity supply, a wind deflector unit (200) for channeling oncoming wind towards the said wind turbine unit (100) thereby producing deflected wind at a relatively-high wind speed, a billboard supporting frame engageable to the wind deflector unit (200) having advertising media mounted thereon, a solar photovoltaic panel (300) for harvesting solar energy to generate another electricity supply and for deflecting the oncoming wind, and a plurality of sensors connected to a data logger and an Internet-of-Things platform for gathering assembly data and environmental data and handling the same for assembly and environment monitoring, emergency detection and alert associated thereof. The assembly of the present invention is self-sustained, hybrid wind-solar powered and adopts attractive features for enhancing the publicity effects of the billboard.

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UI 2020001402

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