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V-Wave Energy


The present invention discloses a wave power generating system comprises: an electrical machine for receiving mechanical energy from an external source and converting the received mechanical energy into alternating current; a AC-DC convector for converting the alternating current from the electrical machine into direct current; a DC-DC converter for boosting the power of the direct current from the AC-DC convector; an inverter for converting the boosted direct current into alternating current; and a AC electrical load for receiving the alternating current from the inverter; characterised in that a bidirectional DC-DC converter is disposed between the DC-DC converter and the inverter, and coupled with an electric energy storage and a control unit, the control unit, configured to determine the level of the direct current power supply from the DC-DC converter and provide instructions to the bidirectional DC-DC converter to either store excess electrical power of the system in the electric energy storage by stabilizing the boosted direct current from the DC-DC converter or supply stored electrical power to the system depending on the determined level of power supply.

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Urbanization, Mega Cities, Future Global Power Generation, Innovating to Zero, Infrastructure Development: Power, Water and Transport, Energy and Power

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