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A water-reducible acrylic copolymer dipping composition for rubber coating comprising essentially an acrylic copolymer derived from the polymerization of about 10 – 15% by weight of styrene, about 10-15% by weight of methyl methacrylate (MMA), about 30-50% by weight of butyl acrylate (BA), about 3-10% by weight of functionalized acrlic monomer, preferably N-(iso-butoxymethyl) acrylamide (iBMA) or N-methylol acrylamide (NMA), about 5-10% by eight of monomer with carboxylic group, preferably acrylic acid (Aa) or methyl acrylic acid (MAA) and about 5-0% by weight of monomer with hydroxyl group, preferably hydroxyl ethylacrylate. A preferred embodiment further includes the water-reducible acrylic copolymer dipping solution composition with minor amounts of optional additives such as melamine-formaldehyde resin, slipping agent, preferably silicone emulsion, a wax emulsion and a bacteriacide preferably butanol. The acrylic copolymer dipping composition is water reducible wherein the composition consists of more than 95% by weight of water. The present invention further provides a rubber product with improved doffing and donning properties coated with the water-reducible acrylic copolymer dipping solution obtainable thereof.

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