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A System And A Method For In-House Wellness Monitoring


The present invention relates to a system for in-house wellness monitoring, characterized by: a video surveillance system for monitoring at least a user’s behavioural parameter; a physiological sensor for detecting internal physiological parameter; a social media analyser for analyzing emotional state of a user via social media channels; a computing device connected to the video surveillance system, the physiological sensor, and the social media analyser for collecting the behavioural parameter, the internal physiological parameter, and the emotional state, wherein the parameters as a data stream is compressed, encoded, transmitted and retransmitted to a remote location across an internet in a cloud computing system for archiving and health assessment; a central server for receiving and processing data stream from the computing device, wherein the data is unpacked and processed to improve signal readability, followed by comparing the data against the user’s normal parameter ranges according to a diagnostic algorithm; wherein an alert is triggered if the internal physiological parameter, the behavioural parameter, or the emotional state do not match the user’s usual profile; and wherein the data will be updated and stored in the central server. Also disclosed in this invention is a method for in-house wellness monitoring using the system of the present invention

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